Jefferson Davis

Halloween During the Civil War

by fifer1863 on October 31, 2012

Just a quick Civil War themed Halloween post for everyone to enjoy.

Here is a photo from the October 26, 1861 edition of Harper’s Weekly.  It is called “Jeff Davis, Reaping the Harvest” and shows Confederate President Jefferson Davis standing in a field gathering crops with skulls on top of them.


Jeff Davis Reaping the Harvest

If you check out the high resolution version, you can really find some cool things in the image.  Can you and your students find:

  1. All of the skulls?
  2. The snake
  3. The noose
  4. The vulture

More questions for deeper thinking:

  • Why would the paper portray Jefferson Davis in this manner?
  • What is the significance of the various objects hidden in the image?
  • What is Jefferson Davis actually reaping?

Just another quick and easy way to integrate primary sources into your classroom.

Happy Halloween!


Civil War Timeline

by Jim on August 1, 2009

Thanks to a recent comment from a reader, I was directed to check out a website called TimeLines.  This website is pretty cool for education and it allows you to “Discover, Record and Share History” via TimeLines.  You can view the numerous timelines that have already been created or you can create you own timeline.  You can also add descriptions, quotes, photos, videos, links or locations to a particular event in a timeline.  While the site is simliar to a wiki, it does state that, “Unlike a wiki, the site is built to display various (and potentially conflicting) descriptions of the same event from many different contributors.”

Of particular interest to me was the Civil War Timeline.  This particular timeline starts with the birth of Nathaniel Greene in 1742 and concludes with the death of Jefferson Davis in 1889 and includes everything in between.

So, head on over and check this site out.

Until next time…