While the website is from 2006, here is an interesting idea on how to use a blog in the classroom.

The students in this classroom have researched a historical figure and created a blog that reflects entries as that historical person. The famous person in this case is Harriet Tubman.

The students in this classroom have researched the life of Harriet Tubman, slavery and other aspects of the time period and are using technology to deliver the information in first person. Here are some of the great things the students are doing in addition to the blog entries:

Audio & Enhanced Audio Post
Listen to interviews as students role play people who lived at the same time as Harriet Tubman in order to describe life as a slave.

Fictional Stories of the Underground Railroad
After studying about Harriet Tubman and learning about the Underground Railroad, the students wrote stories of what it might have been like if their own family were to travel on the Underground Railroad.

I’m not sure what software they used but there are student created drawings of aspects of Harriet Tubman’s life.

Concept Maps:
Here’s another great idea, it looks like the students have used Inspiration to create some concept maps about Harriet Tubman.

Congratulations to Ms. Jenkins class at Dowell Elementary for a great way to use technology for teaching about the Civil War.


Photo from the Library of Congress (www.loc.gov)

For more information on Harriet Tubman be sure to check out the following websites:



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