It was a beautiful here in central Pennsylvania last weekend so we decided to head to Gettysburg for the day.  In addition to packing a lunch, we grabbed my copy of The Complete Gettysburg Guide and my Flip video camera and set off.  As you know our family goal is to learn something new every time we go to Gettysburg and this time we learned several new things.

Here is the third of several videos and photos that we took.  In this one, we are in the area near Devil’s Den and my daughter Sarah (aka @civilwarsallie)  is reading about some of the more difficult rock carvings to find on the battlefield.

Here are a couple of photos of my kids looking for the carvings.  They were very hard to see.

Gettysburg Rock Carvings









If you are like me and enjoy exploring the Gettysburg battlefield (especially with kids), I highly recommend JD’s book: The Complete Gettysburg Guide

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