Available online document from Western Illinois University Malpass Library of a National Union League Pledge.

The Digitization Center has been making historical documents available online. The database access is free to the public.
Civil War enthusiasts our library has digitized Charles Miles National Union League Pledge.

It is dated February 18, 1865 (originally 1863). This document from the league which began in 1862 to promote Union loyalty and support for President, Abraham Lincoln.

Loyal Leagues,comprised upper middle class men who supported efforts such as the United States Sanitary Commission, which helped treat wounded soldiers after battle. The Clubs supported the Republican Party, with funding, organizational support, and political activism. The National Union League helped appoint Abraham Lincoln to the Presidency. This particular document is a signed pledge by a constituent, Charles Miles, agreeing to give unwavering loyalty to the United States government, and to support its efforts to ‘suppress The Rebellion’, of the southern states involved in the Confederacy. Additionally, to he pledged to ‘maintain the National Unity’.

You may find this document of interest.


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