Update: August 2016 – This website is no longer available and the links below go to archived pages.

Sykes Regulars, a Civil War reenacting group, have an excellent collection of resources and research in the School of Instruction section of their website. One such section shows one part of the School of the Battalion as a Flash animation and another has three animations on the School of the Company.

So, I was thinking that it is one thing for a teacher to talk about how soldiers would stand in line and turn to the right or left but to show them and then HAVE them actually try the maneuvers.

Check these out:

School of the Battalion – Animated

School of the Company – Animated

You can also view the complete manual for how soldiers would have been positioned and moved on the battlefield online. On the US Regulars website you can view manuals by Hardee, and Casey. You can also look up the manuals for how to clean a musket, Artillery Tactics and Cavalry Tactics.

Happy reading and researching.

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