I was recently asked to review the Timeline Civil War app for the iPad and to put it simply, this is a really good and enjoyable app.  This app is packed with tons of information, images, primary sources, maps and various texts.


Key features on Timeline Civil War include:

  • A unique interactive timeline that allows the exploration of more than 1600 items;
  • Search and filter the app to explore the events and themes that interest you, including: “Faces of the War,” “Peninsular Campaign” “Land Tactics,” “Abraham Lincoln’s Story”;
  • Commentaries from leading historians;
  • Extracts from diaries, memoirs, and newspapers illuminating everyday life on the battlefield and the home front.
  • ‘This day in history’ – find out the events happening on today’s date in the civil war.
  • Over 40 commentaries on themes and events in the Civil War including Military, Politics, Women and Medicine, and Slavery and the African American Experience
  • Explore the events in each state using the map and timeline features, through state and territory summaries, photographs, and historic maps;
  • Recordings and sheet music for songs and spirituals from the Civil War era bring the culture of the period to life;

This app is easy to navigate and the graphics are plentiful and colorful.  I especially like how rather than placing plain text on the screen, they took the time to put the text on what appears to be old parchment.  This adds to the effect and increases the overall appeal of the app.

Timeline Civil War AppThe app allows you to view information in a timeline view, a map view or search for something specific.  The audio clips enhance the experience and will help reach different types of learners.  Interesting too is on some items it gives you the option to click and see where the time too place on the map.  This will be especially good for students who may not be familiar with the various locations.

The “On This Day in History” is nice and gives the user a quick glance at what may have happened on a particular date.  This would be create for any project in class.

There are also several videos mixed into the app.  These videos provide insight into various aspects of the war.  One interesting video is about Britain and the American Civil War.


If I have any complaints about the app it would be that it is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  Funny that prisoners of war had to live in “insanitary” conditions.  The price of $5.99 is high but worth it.

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