Colorizing original photographs of the Camp of Captain John Hoff

Recently I spent some time doing colorizations of a series of photographs of the Camp of Captain John Hoff.  Captain Hoff was the Commissary of Subsistence during that time and was in charge of purchasing and issuing provisions to the troops who were still in Gettysburg in July 1865.   There are three photos of the camp which were taken by photographer William Morris Smith in July 1865.  

Here you can see both the original and my colorized version.  You can learn to colorize your own Civil War photographs from my tutorial videos: Part 1 and Part 2


The photos were taken on Steven’s Knoll along what is currently Slocum Avenue.  During my next trip to Gettysburg, I will be sure to get a current version.  Here is a Google Earth view of the general area.



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