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Using GIMP to Colorize Civil War Era Photos

by fifer1863 on October 14, 2014

Bringing Civil War Photos to Life with Color

As you know I am a huge fan of having students use primary sources in the classroom.  This is especially true when comes to using photographs from the Library of Congress.  I have blogged about using images in the past.  I have also crated videos on finding photos from the Library of Congress, Creating Then and Now Images and Using Them  with Google Earth.

The Civil War in Living Color!

Here is a new way that you and your students can work with photographs in your classroom.  As you know, photographs from the Civil War era are in black and white.  Well, while the image may be in black and white, the original subjects certainly were in full color!  The following is an image of John Burns who is the only civilian to fight in the Battle of Gettysburg.


And here is the same photo of John Burns that I have colorized.

John Burns Colorized


Using the free photo editing software GIMP, I have taken a once boring, black and white image and brought Mr. Burns to life with a little bit of color.  Using a process of adding layers and layer masks, you are able to bring the images to life.  Have your students research clothes, weapons, landscapes, etc.  Have them think about a picture and what color an object or person might be an why.  This gets them thinking about an image and then creating something entirely new based on their research.

How To Video:

Here is a video on how you can colorize your own Civil War photos:



If you try this, take a moment and let me know either here on the blog, on Facebook or via Twitter.


Google Earth and Devils Den

by fifer1863 on September 23, 2014

Using original photographs and Google Earth to Explore the Battle of Gettysburg

In an effort to continue my exploration of original Gettysburg photographs using Google Earth, I have created a new video on exploring some of the famous locations in Devil’s Den.  Be sure to check out my Rose Woods video and other videos on my YouTube Channel.  You can find all of the original photos via the Library of Congress website.

If you’d like to download the Google Earth file for this video, you can find it at:  Devil’s Den KMZ file.



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Teaching the Civil War Podcast Episode 6

by fifer1863 on August 16, 2011

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Thanks for staying subscribed to my podcast and I hope you enjoy listening. In this episode I discuss Civil War era music and some ways teachers can use Civil War music in their classrooms.

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Music is by the Excelsior Brigade Fifes and Drums and is used with permission.

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Acoustic Shadows of the Blue and Gray

Camp Chase Fifes and Drums

119th New York Fifes & Drums

David Kincaid

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Portrait of Robert E. Lee

February 6, 2010

The Library of Congress sponsors discussions on various books and broadcasts them via their website. One of the webcasts was about Robert E. Lee and features the author Elizabeth Brown Pryor. The author talks about her research into Robert E. Lee and provides a unique insight into this famous historical figure. Check out the webcast […]

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In this season of elections, I thought it would be interesting to share a website on Civil War era elections. Harper’s Weekly has created a website for researching historical elections from 1860 to 1912. According to the website, the Presidential Elections page features political cartoons from several different digital resource centers such as Harper’s Weekly, […]

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Podcast from Ford’s Theater

April 16, 2009

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Using Photographs from the LOC

March 29, 2009

As many of you know, the Library of Congress has a website called Selected Civil War Photographs. This page makes browsing the photographs easy because they have a Search feature, a Subject browse, or you can look at photos from each year of the War. There is also information about Understand and Working with the […]

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