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Google Earth and Devils Den

by fifer1863 on September 23, 2014

Using original photographs and Google Earth to Explore the Battle of Gettysburg

In an effort to continue my exploration of original Gettysburg photographs using Google Earth, I have created a new video on exploring some of the famous locations in Devil’s Den.  Be sure to check out my Rose Woods video and other videos on my YouTube Channel.  You can find all of the original photos via the Library of Congress website.

If you’d like to download the Google Earth file for this video, you can find it at:  Devil’s Den KMZ file.




Exploring the Rose Farm with Google Earth

by fifer1863 on July 22, 2014

I am often asked about where the Rose Woods is in Gettysburg and how others can find it when they visit.  Well, I took a few minutes and created a video showing you exactly where the Rose Woods is in Gettysburg and where you can find the famous photographs of the dead soldiers.



If you would like the KMZ file for Google Earth, you can download it HERE.


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Civil War Battlefield Markers website

by fifer1863 on March 14, 2011

Here is a cool link that I cam across recently, a database of battlefield and historical markers.

According to the website, “Listed here are blog entries, pages, and links to marker lists which detail the historical markers located on Civil War battlefields.” It goes on to say, “The intent is to offer “virtual tours” of the battlefield by way of historical markers.  A “tour” may cover an entire battle (where the number of markers is small) or just a segment of a larger battlefield.  Each tour set offers between three to thirty marker entries.  The individual marker entries vary in quality, however.  The best entries offer not only a photo and text on the marker, but also subject and area photographs in order to reinforce the interpretation.  The entries also offer links to more information about the events discussed on the marker.”

So, if we look at the Battle of Kernstown (fought on March 23, 186), you can see 18 different historical markers related to this battle. Here is an example of one of the markers:


Now, what is REALLY cool is that it gives you the map coordinates of where to find the marker.  So, while the database does give you a Google map to look at, you could have your students paste this (or several of the markers) into Google Earth and then create a Google Earth tour or add the information to an existing tour that you may have created.

Happy exploring!


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Pa Civil War Trails, Google Earth and Gigapan

April 29, 2009

I’m starting to use Google Earth more and more these days for different projects and presentations.  So in addition to previous posts related to Google Earth, I was looking around for some resources today and happened onto the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails website.  One of the cool things I noticed is that they now have […]

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