In addition to the resources available via this blog  and my podcast , I am available for presentations.  These presentations can range from very general presentations to the very specific or from very introductory to advanced.

Additionally, I can conduct a traditional workshop style presentation or a more hands-on type session covering everything from PowerPoint to advanced Web 2.0 technologies. Each presentation can be tailored to fit your needs and the needs of your teachers and students.   Check out my professional speaking page for a full listing of presentations.

Sample Presentations:

Tradigital History

Traditional history classrooms have centered around the teacher as the expert and students learning by wrote memorization. The 21st Century history classroom allows students to become historians by interacting with digital primary sources. This workshop shows how to turn a traditional classroom into a tradigital history classroom.

Trends and Tools for 21st Century Learning

This session is a fun look at the exciting things that happen when educators step outside their classrooms and try new tools. It reinforces the importance of relationships while encouraging teachers to become learners again through positive examples of student success. I will also discuss the topic of self-directed professional development and describe what it takes to build your own “personal learning network”.

Virtual Integrity

One can barely go a day without reading something about digital citizenship and the ethical use of media. This presentation demonstrates a new approach to teaching Internet Safety. How can our belief system affect not only what media we consume and purchase, but also how we view and use the Internet. The presentation will focus on virtues and how they should assist the 21st century student in decision-making about media and Internet use through the perspective of personal integrity.

What attendees are saying:

Jim Beeghley’s Teaching The Civil War With Technology presentation is essential for Civil War scholars and enthusiasts. The wealth of online reference materials and primary sources grows everyday. Beeghley introduces and shows the ease of access to these resources. Presenting the materials in a user and audience friendly manner, Beeghley creates an enthusiasm among students and listeners. From a session with Beeghley the ‘take-aways’ are numerous.

As an educator who has presented Civil War related materials to kindergardeners through graduate students, I heartily recommend teachers spending several hours with  Jim Beeghley and his Teaching The Civil War With Technology presentation.  Afterwards, teachers will wish to stay in contact with Dr. Beeghley.

Rea Andrew Redd, Director of Eberly Library,
Professor, Waynesburg University, Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much for your session.  I love teaching history, and you gave us lots of great ideas ~ ISTE 2012 Session Attendee

The following are comments  from my 2012 PETE&C Presentation on Tradigital History.
  1. Jim is an excellent presenter. I learned so much from presentation today.
  2. I would have loved more social studies resources. Dr. Beeghley was fantastic!!!
  3. Great Presentation. Best one I saw today. Thanks

Civil War Related Presentations

In addition, I am available to do presentations to your classroom or group on various topics related t0 the Civil War such as:

  • The common Union soldier
  • Civil War Civilians
  • Music of the Civil War
  • The Battle of Gettysburg

During these presentations, I (and occasionally my family) will dress is period attire and bring along various original and reproduction items for display and discussion during the presentation.

If you are interested in having me present, please use the contact form here on the site or email me.