I was recently contacted about a new website with resources for teaching the Civil War.  The site is called Civil War Journeys and I thought I would share a quick overview with you.

Civil War Journeys is a nice educational resource on the American Civil War. The site contains nearly 4,000 battlefield photographs that students and teachers can download for their use.  We only ask that they footnote the source.  The site has a number of Microsoft Power Point slide presentations and videos that can be downloaded for class presentations.  Mini-classes are also available for a small fee.

The battle listings include links to other websites, books and videos from Amazon, and photo galleries of the battle and reenactments.  There is also a page with 150 places to visit over the next five years as America celebrates the Sesquicentennial.

The site is well-maintained with new material added regularly.

For those wanting a discussion forum, there is a blog, Salient Points, provides information on newsworthy events, recent battlefield visits, and interesting information.


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