Finding rock carvings is a great way to explore the Gettysburg Battlefield.  One of my favorites is the AL Coble rock carving in the area of Spangler’s Spring.  AL Coble was 20-year-old Augustus L. Coble of Company E of the 1st North Carolina Regiment.  

On the morning of July 3rd, the 27th Indiana and the 2nd Massachusetts made an ill-fated charge across the Spangler Meadow.  They made it less than a third of the way across the meadow before being turned back by intense rifle fire from their front and left flank. Protected behind large rocks, the 1st North Carolina among others, shot down the Hoosiers from less than 100 yards away. In

According to historian Tim Smith, Cobel returned to the battlefield years later where his son, carved his father’s name into the rock where he was positioned.

The following are a couple of videos my son CJ and I made about the rock carving.

Here is an updated video of my son CJ showing where the rock carving is:

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